Online Learning Tool for Real-World Business Skills Acquisition (PENAPPS)

The PENAPPS project aims to continue on the successes of the VETCOP project, an Erasmus+ project running from 2018-2020 with the goal of building an online platform that makes it possible for all Practice Enterprises to take part in international trade mirroring the very idea of the EU (digital) single market.

Das PENAPPS-Projekt soll an das erfolgreiche VETCOP-Projekt anknüpfen, ein Erasmus+-Projekt (2018-2020) mit dem Ziel, eine Online-Plattform zu entwickeln. Diese Plattform soll es allen Übungsfirmen ermöglichen, am internationalen Handel teilzunehmen und damit die Idee des (digitalen) EU-Binnenmarkts widerzuspiegeln.

The online platform consists of 3 modules:

  1. B2B Marketplace,
  2. Banking System and
  3. Login Server.

The national Practice Enterprises located in 23 European countries have access to the platform through which numerous skills and qualifications in the area of international trade can be acquired and hence, lead to increased employability, better career-development and reducing the risk of early school leaving.

The new PENAPPS project builds further innovation to the VETCOP platform, including the development of an Advertising Module where trainees can learn and practice e-commerce, a Web Application that connects schools and training centres and provides a forum for sharing information, documents and networking, an overall Messaging and Notifications system that connects the modules of the VETCOP software into the Web App and the Advertising System, a Monitoring and Ticketing system to ensure sustainability for the modules, as well as an innovative concept called Worlds.

The integration of the Worlds concept brings the Practice Enterprise concept into the 4.0 period by allowing student-run enterprises to operate in their own ‘’world’’ – where time can stop and move around depending on where the students are in their learning process in comparison to the required business cycle.

The project is a partnership of four European organisations engaged in VET education as well as two Associated partners. The Danish office for Practice Enterprises (International Business College), the international non-profit association of Practice Enterprises (PEN Worldwide), the French office for Practice Enterprises (REEP EuroEntEnt), the German office for Practice Enterprises (Bfz Essen) as well as Helvartis Switzerland, the Swiss office for Practice Enterprises as an Associated partner. IBC is applicant of the project and provides practical learning in VET schools in Denmark in economic and commercial education.

Target Group

Worldwide Network of Practice Enterprises

Project Duration

2020 – 2022

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